Installing AWS Elemental Server Node-locked Licenses on a Virtual Machine (VM) - AWS Elemental Server

This is version 2.17 of the AWS Elemental Server documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Conductor File and AWS Elemental Server Documentation.

Installing AWS Elemental Server Node-locked Licenses on a Virtual Machine (VM)

This section is for IT administrators who perform the first-time installation of AWS Elemental Server software on a VM (virtual machine).

VM Guest Requirements

AWS Elemental software can run only on a virtual machine generated by VMware virtualization software. You must use VMware vCenter Server to create the VM. The vSphere client by itself will not work.

For version and system requirements and other information about VMware, see System Requirements for Virtual Machines (VMs).

Phase 1 Setup

This section explains how to perform the following on each blade:

  • Create a virtual machine and install the AWS Elemental OVA.

  • Install the licenses.

  • Install the AWS Elemental Server software.

  • Configure eth0 as the management interface on each virtual machine.

Prerequisite Knowledge

To complete this process, you must have the following knowledge:

  • You have a basic understanding of server virtualization.

  • You have installed and know how to use VMware Center and the VMware vSphere client interface, including Open Console.

  • You know how to move files from a VM guest to other systems over the network. We recommend using a utility such as SCP.

  • You know how to locate recently downloaded files.

The procedure for installing any version of AWS Elemental Server is the same; only the version number in the file name changes. In this procedure, we show how to install version of the software.

Installation consists of four parts:

  1. Downloading files from AWS Elemental

  2. Installing the host operating system (OS)

  3. Installing the AWS Elemental software

  4. Setting up licensing