Output with Dolby Digital Plus (EC2, EAC3) Codec - AWS Elemental Server

This is version 2.15 of the AWS Elemental Server documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Conductor File and AWS Elemental Server Documentation.

Output with Dolby Digital Plus (EC2, EAC3) Codec

Named Metadata Parameters Category Field API Tag (stream_assembly\ audio_description\ac3_settings) Default
Dialogue Level D Dialnorm dialnorm Not set
Channel Mode D Coding Mode coding_mode 3/2 – L,R,C,LS,Rs
LFE Channel D When Coding Mode is 7 or 3/2, the LFE checkbox appears three lines below that checkbox. lfe Enabled
Bitstream Mode D Bitstream Mode bitstream_mode Complete Main
Line Mode Compression D DRC Line Mode Profile drc_line Film Std.
RF Mode Compression D DRC RF Mode Profile drc_rf Film Std.
RF Overmodulation Protection D No user control -
Center Downmix Level D No user control - -3dB
Surround Downmix Level D Stereo Downmix stereo_downmix Not indicated
Dolby Surround Mode D No user control - Disabled
Audio Production Information D No user control - 0 (does not exist)
Mix Level D No user control - Not set
Room Type D No user control - Note set
Copyright Bit D No user control - 0
Original Bitstream D No user control - 0
Preferred Stereo Downmix D No user control - Not indicated
Lt/Rt Center Downmix Level D Lt/Rt Center Mix Level lt_rt_center_mix_level -3.0 dB
Lt/Rt Surround Downmix Level D Lt/Rt Surround Mix Level lt_rt_surround_mix_level -3.0 dB
Lo/Ro Center Downmix Level D Lo/Ro Center Mix Level lo_ro_center_mix_level -3.0 dB
Lo/Ro Surround Downmix Level D Lo/Ro Surround Mix Level lo_ro_surround_mix_level -3.0 dB
Dolby Surround EX Mode D Surround EX Mode surround_ex_mode Disabled
A/D Converter Type D No user control 0 (standard)
DC Filter EC CD Highpass Filter dc_filter Enabled
LFE Lowpass Filter EC LFE Filter lfe_filter Enabled
Surround 3 dB Attenuation EC 3 dB Attenuation attenuate_3_db Disabled
Surround Phase Shift EC 90-degree Phase Shift phase_shift_90_degree Enabled
Surround Mode D When Coding Mode is 2/0, the Surround Mode checkbox appears. surround_mode Not indicated