Reference: Supported Input Containers - AWS Elemental Server

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Reference: Supported Input Containers

If the source captions are inside the input container, you can include them in the input only if the AWS Elemental encoder can extract the captions from the container. The AWS Elemental encoder can extract captions only from specific input containers types.

If the source captions are an external file (sidecar captions) in one of the supported formats (for example, an SRT file), you can include them in the transcoding regardless of the input container.

Source Captions Are Inside the Input Container
Type of Input Container Captions Can Be Extracted from Container?
File Adobe Flash® container No
File Audio Video Interleave (AVI) container No
File HLS container Yes
File Matroska container No
File MP4 container Yes
File MPEG Transport stream Yes
File MPEG-1 system stream No
File MXF container Yes
File No container Yes
File QuickTime container Yes
File Transport stream Yes
File VOB container No
File WMV/ASF container No
Stream HLS Yes
Stream RTP Yes