One Input Format to the Same Output Format, One Output - AWS Elemental Server

This is version 2.15 of the AWS Elemental Server documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Conductor File and AWS Elemental Server Documentation.

One Input Format to the Same Output Format, One Output

The input is set up with one format of captions and two or more languages. You want to maintain the format in the output. You want to produce only one type of output and include all the languages in that output.

Example: Pass Through Embedded Captions to an HLS Output

The input has embedded captions in English and Spanish. You want to produce HLS output that includes embedded captions in both English and Spanish.

This example illustrates two important features of an embedded-to-embedded workflow. First, you do not create separate caption selectors; all of the languages are all automatically included. Secondly, if you are outputting to HLS, there is an opportunity to specify the languages and the order in which they appear.

To set up a job for this example

  1. In the input, follow the procedure in Creating Input Captions Selectors to create one caption selector for Embedded.

  2. Create a stream (for example, Stream 1) and set up the video and audio.

  3. In that same stream, set up a captions tab as described in the topic Setting Up Output Captions for All Formats Except Sidecar . Create one captions tab only and specify the settings as follows:

    • Caption Source: Caption Selector 1.

    • Destination Type: Embedded.

    • Language: Leave blank; with embedded captions, all the languages are included.

  4. In the HLS output group, create an output. In the Output section, set the Stream field in that output to Stream 1.

  5. Still in the Output Group section (not in the Output section), click Advanced. In Caption Languages, choose Insert. The CC Language fields appear:

    • Set up CC1 as English.

    • Set up CC2 as French.

  6. Save the job.