Step C: Downgrade the Node - AWS Elemental Server

This is version 2.15 of the AWS Elemental Server documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Conductor File and AWS Elemental Server Documentation.

Step C: Downgrade the Node

Perform the following steps on the AWS Elemental Server hardware unit.

  1. From the Linux prompt, log in with the elemental user credentials. Once you are logged in, the initial directory is /home/elemental.

  2. Enter the following command.

    [elemental@hostname ~]$ chmod 755
  3. Run the prepare for downgrade script.

    [elemental@hostname ~]$ sudo /opt/elemental_se/web/script/ -i ./
  4. Run the installer as follows:

    [elemental@hostname ~]$ sudo ./ --skip-all -xeula --start --downgrade --restore-db-backup <file/path>

    where n.n.nnnnnn is the version and build number of the software that you're downgrading to, such as

    Switches are as follows:

    • --skip-all: Skips the configuration prompts that you followed the first time that you installed the software. The existing configuration is unchanged.

    • -xeula: Skips the prompts to read through the EULA. You are prompted once to accept it.

    • --start: Specifies to start the services without being prompted.

    • --downgrade: Tells the installer that an earlier version is being installed.

    • --restore-db-backup <path>: Installs the version old version of the database backup file. Provide the path and filename in the following format.

    [elemental@hostname ~]$ sudo ./ --skip-all -xeula --start --downgrade --restore-db-backup /home/elemental/database_backups/elemental-db-backup_conductor_server_2.13.3.36542_2016-12-22_19-05-29.tar

    The installer looks for the database file that you specified and checks that it is a compatible version. If the file is not found or is not compatible, the downgrade fails.

    The installer automatically stops the software, if it is running. You will be prompted to accept the EULA (end user license agreement).

    The new software is installed. During installation, the database is restored. Finally, all services except elemental_se are automatically restarted.

  5. Once installation is complete, you might be prompted to reboot.

    Installation and configuration complete! . . . NOTE: You must reboot your system to finish the installation!

    Enter this command to reboot:

    [elemental@hostname ~]$ sudo reboot

    The reboot takes approximately 5 minutes. When the reboot completes, the elemental _se service automatically starts. Look for this message on the command line:

    Starting elemental_se: [ OK ]
  6. If you're not prompted to reboot, you are prompted to start elemental_se:

    Would you like to start the Elemental service now? [Y]

    Enter Y.

    The restart takes approximately 1 minute. When the restart is done, this message appears:

    Installation and configuration complete! Please open a web browser and point it to to get to the web interface. Enjoy!
  7. Refresh your web browser to load the updated AWS Elemental Server web interface.