AWS IoT Device SDK C  202009.00
SDK for connecting to AWS IoT from a device using embedded C.
MQTT Basic TLS Demo

Demo of an MQTT application that establishes a TLS connection with server-only authentication, and uses QoS 2 level of communication with broker.

This demo uses an OpenSSL-based transport interface implementation to establish a server-authenticated TLS connection, and demonstrates the subscribe-publish workflow of MQTT at QoS 2 level. After subscribing to a single topic filter, it publishes to the same topic and waits for receipt of that message back from the server at QoS 2 level. This cycle of publishing to the broker and receiving the same message back from the broker is repeated indefinitely.

Messages in this demo are sent at QoS 2, which guarantees exactly one delivery according to the MQTT spec. See the demo workflow below: