AWS IoT Device SDK C  202012.00
SDK for connecting to AWS IoT from a device using embedded C.

Demos used to illustrate various functionalities of the corePKCS11 library.

PKCS #11 Random Number Generation Demo

Demo of using the PKCS #11 interface to generate a random number.

This demo will introduce the basics of PKCS #11. It will step you through the data types as well as give an overview of the functions used to manage the PKCS #11 library's state.

Finally, it will demonstrate how to fill a buffer with random bytes using PKCS #11.

PKCS #11 Mechanisms and Digest Demo

Demo of using the PKCS #11 interface to select a mechanism and create a digest (hash) with it.

This demo details what PKCS #11 mechanisms are and how to query a slot's support for them. It will then use those mechanisms to generate a hash of a buffer.

PKCS #11 Objects Demo

Demo of using the PKCS #11 interface to create an EC key pair and import an RSA certificate. This will first import an RSA certificate into the PKCS #11 module, allowing it to be accessed through a label. It will then create a unique EC based key pair that can be accessed through a label, and will be used in the sign and verify demo.

PKCS #11 Sign and Verify Demo

Demo of using the PKCS #11 interface to sign and verify a hash using an EC key pair.

This demo requires the objects created by the PKCS #11 Objects Demo! This demo will use the key pair created in the PKCS #11 Objects Demo to sign a hash PKCS #11 Mechanisms and Digest Demo and then show how the public key can be used to verify that the signature originated from the private key that created it.