AWS IoT Over-the-air Update  v2.0.0 (Release Candidate)
Client library for AWS IoT OTA
The following files are associated with this library.
 ota.cImplementation of the AWS IoT Over-The-Air Updates Client Library
 ota.hOTA Agent Interface
 ota_appversion32.hStructure to represent the application build version
 ota_base64.cImplements a Base64 decoding routine
 ota_base64_private.hFunction declarations and error codes for ota_base64.c
 ota_cbor.cCBOR encode/decode routines for AWS IoT Over-the-Air updates
 ota_cbor_private.hFunction declarations and field declarations for ota_cbor.c
 ota_config_defaults.hThis represents the default values for the configuration macros for the OTA library
 ota_http.cData transfer over HTTP routines
 ota_http_interface.hContains OTA HTTP Statuses, function type definitions and http interface structure
 ota_http_private.hContains definitions of routines for OTA download using HTTP data plane
 ota_interface.cInternal interface for setting the data and control planes
 ota_interface_private.hContains function definitions and structures for data and control interfaces
 ota_mqtt.cRoutines for supporting over the air updates using MQTT
 ota_mqtt_interface.hContains OTA MQTT Statuses, function type definitions and mqtt interface structure
 ota_mqtt_private.hContains function definitions of routines for OTA download and control using MQTT data plane
 ota_os_interface.hContains OTA OS Functional Interface statuses, type definitions and structures to store interface routines
 ota_platform_interface.hContains PAL interface statuses, type definitions and structure to store interface routines
 ota_private.hMacros, enums, variables, and definitions internal to the OTA Agent module and shared by other OTA modules and testing files