AWS IoT Over-the-air Update  v2.0.0 (Release Candidate)
Client library for AWS IoT OTA

OTA Agent initialization function.

OtaInterfaces_t * pOtaInterfaces,
const uint8_t * pThingName,
OtaAppCallback_t OtaAppCallback );

Initialize the OTA engine by starting the OTA Agent ("OTA Task") in the system. This function must be called with the connection client context before calling OTA_CheckForUpdate. Only one OTA Agent may exist.

[in]pOtaBufferBuffers used by the agent to store different params.
[in]pOtaInterfacesA pointer to the OS context.
[in]pThingNameA pointer to a C string holding the Thing name.
[in]OtaAppCallbackStatic callback function for when an OTA job is complete. This function will have input of the state of the OTA image after download and during self-test.
OtaErr_t The state of the OTA Agent upon return from the OtaState_t enum. If the agent was successfully initialized and ready to operate, the state will be OtaAgentStateReady. Otherwise, it will be one of the other OtaState_t enum values.
OtaErr_t OTA_Init(OtaAppBuffer_t *pOtaBuffer, OtaInterfaces_t *pOtaInterfaces, const uint8_t *pThingName, OtaAppCallback_t OtaAppCallback)
OTA Agent initialization function.
Definition: ota.c:3006
The OTA API return status. OTA agent error codes are in the upper 8 bits of the 32 bit OTA error word...
Definition: ota.h:73
OTA Interface for referencing different components.
Definition: ota.h:228
void(* OtaAppCallback_t)(OtaJobEvent_t eEvent, const void *pData)
OTA update complete callback function typedef.
Definition: ota.h:201
OTA Application Buffer size information.
Definition: ota.h:242