coreHTTP  v2.0.0
HTTP/1.1 Client Library
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CfindHeaderContext_tAn aggregator that represents the user-provided parameters to the HTTPClient_ReadHeader API function. This will be used as context parameter for the parsing callbacks used by the API function
 CHTTPClient_ResponseHeaderParsingCallback_tCallback to intercept headers during the first parse through of the response as it is received from the network
 CHTTPParsingContext_tThe HTTP response parsing context for a response fresh from the server. This context is passed into the http-parser registered callbacks. The registered callbacks are private functions of the form httpParserXXXXCallbacks()
 CHTTPRequestHeaders_tRepresents header data that will be sent in an HTTP request
 CHTTPRequestInfo_tConfigurations of the initial request headers
 CHTTPResponse_tRepresents an HTTP response
 CTransportInterface_tThe transport layer interface