coreHTTP  v2.0.0
HTTP/1.1 Client Library
Data types and Constants
This library defines the following data types and constants.
 Enumerated TypesEnumerated types of the HTTP Client library
 Callback TypesCallback function pointer types of the HTTP Client library
 Parameter StructuresStructures passed as parameters to HTTP Client library functions
 Basic TypesPrimitive types of the HTTP Client library
 ConstantsConstants defined in the HTTP Client library
 HTTPClient_Send FlagsValues for HTTPClient_Send sendFlags parameter. These flags control some behavior of sending the request or receiving the response
 HTTPRequestInfo_t FlagsFlags for HTTPRequestInfo_t.reqFlags. These flags control what headers are written or not to the HTTPRequestHeaders_t.pBuffer by HTTPClient_InitializeRequestHeaders
 HTTPResponse_t FlagsFlags for HTTPResponse_t.respFlags. These flags are populated in HTTPResponse_t.respFlags by the HTTPClient_Send function