coreHTTP  v2.0.0
HTTP/1.1 Client Library
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 Porting GuideGuide for porting the HTTP client library to a new platform
 ConfigurationsConfigurations of the HTTP Client library
 FunctionsPrimary functions of the HTTP Client library:

 HTTPClient_InitializeRequestHeadersInitialize the request headers, stored in HTTPRequestHeaders_t.pBuffer, with initial configurations from HTTPRequestInfo_t. This method is expected to be called before sending a new request.
 HTTPClient_AddHeaderAdd a header to the request headers stored in HTTPRequestHeaders_t.pBuffer.
 HTTPClient_AddRangeHeaderAdd the byte range request header to the request headers store in HTTPRequestHeaders_t.pBuffer.
 HTTPClient_SendSend the request headers in HTTPRequestHeaders_t.pBuffer and request body in pRequestBodyBuf over the transport. The response is received in HTTPResponse_t.pBuffer.
 HTTPClient_ReadHeaderRead a header from a buffer containing a complete HTTP response. This will return the location of the response header value in the HTTPResponse_t.pBuffer buffer.
 HTTPClient_strerrorError code to string conversion utility for HTTP Client library.
 Transport InterfaceThe transport interface definition