coreMQTT  v1.1.0
MQTT 3.1.1 Client Library
The following files are associated with this library.
 core_mqtt.cImplements the user-facing functions in core_mqtt.h
 core_mqtt.hUser-facing functions of the MQTT 3.1.1 library
 core_mqtt_config_defaults.hThis represents the default values for the configuration macros for the MQTT library
 core_mqtt_serializer.cImplements the user-facing functions in core_mqtt_serializer.h
 core_mqtt_serializer.hUser-facing functions for serializing and deserializing MQTT 3.1.1 packets. This header should be included for building a lighter weight MQTT client than the managed CSDK MQTT library API in core_mqtt.h, by using the serializer and de-serializer functions exposed in this file's API
 core_mqtt_state.cImplements the functions in core_mqtt_state.h
 core_mqtt_state.hFunction to keep state of MQTT PUBLISH packet deliveries
 transport_interface.hTransport interface definitions to send and receive data over the network