View a Summary of Application History - Amazon EMR

View a Summary of Application History

With Amazon EMR versions 5.8.0 and later, you can view a summary of the application history from the Application history tab in the Amazon EMR console. Amazon EMR keeps the summary of application history for seven days after an application has completed.

The following sequence demonstrates a drill-down through a Spark or YARN application into job details using the Application history on a cluster details page. To view cluster details, from the Clusters list, select a cluster Name. To view information about YARN container logs, you must enable logging for your cluster. For more information, see Configure Cluster Logging and Debugging. For Spark application history, the information provided in the summary table is only a subset of the information available through Spark history server UI.

In the following Application history tab example, two rows are expanded to show the diagnostic summaries for two different Spark applications, and an Application ID is selected to view further application detail.

On the Jobs tab of YARN application details, the description of Job 0 is selected to see Job 0 details.

On the Job 0 details page, information about individual job stages is expanded, and then the Description for Stage 1 is selected to see Stage 1 details.

On the Stage 1 details page, key metrics for stage tasks and executors can be seen, and task and executor logs can be viewed using links.