EC2 is Out of Capacity - Amazon EMR

EC2 is Out of Capacity

An "EC2 is out of capacity for InstanceType" error occurs when a cluster is created, or instances are added to a cluster, and there are no more of that EC2 instance type in the Region or Availability Zone because of demand. The subnet that you select for a cluster determines the Availability Zone.

If you are creating a cluster, you can specify a different instance type with similar capabilities or create the cluster in a different Region or select a subnet in an Availability Zone where the instance type you want might be available.

If instances are being added to a running cluster, you can modify instance group configurations or instance fleet configurations to add available instance types with similar capabilities. For a list of supported instance types, see Supported Instance Types. To compare capabilities of EC2 instance types, see Amazon EC2 Instance Types. You can also terminate the cluster and recreate it in a Region and Availability Zone where the instance type is available.