Amazon EMR
Management Guide

Access the Web Interfaces on the Master Node Using the Console

If you already have an SSH tunnel configured with the Amazon EMR master node using dynamic port forwarding, you can open the web interfaces using the console.

To open the web interfaces using the console

  1. Verify that you have established an SSH tunnel with the master node and that you have a proxy management add-on configured for your browser.

  2. Open the Amazon EMR console at

  3. On the Cluster List page, choose the link for your cluster.

  4. In the cluster details, for Connections, choose the link for the web interface you wish to open in your browser.

									Open the web interfaces
  5. Alternatively, choose the View All link to display links to all of the available web interfaces on your cluster's master node. Choosing the links opens the interfaces in your browser.

									Web interface links

    If you do not have an SSH tunnel open with the master node, choose Enable Web Connection for instructions on creating a tunnel.

									Enable web connection link


    If you have an SSH tunnel configured using local port forwarding, the Amazon EMR console does not detect the connection.