Amazon EMR
Management Guide

Add a Git Repository to Amazon EMR

To add a Git repository as a resource in your Amazon EMR account

  1. Open the Amazon EMR console at

  2. Choose Git repositories, then choose Add repository.

  3. For Repository name, enter a name to use for the repository in Amazon EMR.

    Names may only contain alphanumeric characters, hyphens (-), or underscores (_).

  4. For Git repository URL, enter the URL for the repository.

  5. For Branch, enter a branch name.

  6. For Git credentials, choose the credentials to use to authenticate to the repository.

    • Choose Use an existing AWS secret and select a secret from the list.

      The existing secret must be in the following format: {"gitUsername": UserName, "gitPassword": Password}.

    • Choose Create a new secret.

    • Choose Use a public repository without credentials if the Git repository is public.

  7. Choose Add repository.