Create a new Notebook with an associated Git repository - Amazon EMR

Create a new Notebook with an associated Git repository


EMR Notebooks will be available as EMR Studio Workspaces in the new console by February 8, 2023. You’ll still be able to use your existing notebooks in the old console, but on March 10, 2023, we’ll turn off the Create notebook button. The Create Workspace button in the new console will replace this functionality. To access or create Workspaces, EMR Notebooks users will need additional IAM role permissions. For more information, see Amazon EMR Notebooks are Amazon EMR Studio Workspaces in new console and What's new in the console?

To create a notebook and associate it with Git repositories in the AWS Management Console
  1. Follow the instructions at Creating a Notebook.

  2. For Security group, choose Use your own security group.


    The security groups for your notebook must include an outbound rule to allow the notebook to route traffic to the internet via the cluster. It is recommended that you create your own security groups. For more information, see Specifying EC2 security groups for EMR Notebooks.

  3. For Git repositories, Choose repository to associate with the notebook.

    1. Choose a repository that is stored as a resource in your account, and then choose Save.

    2. To add a new repository as a resource in your account, choose add a new repository. Complete the Add repository workflow in a new window.