Launch a cluster quickly - Amazon EMR

Launch a cluster quickly

Use the Create Cluster - Quick Options page in the Amazon EMR console to quickly create a cluster for simple tasks or for evaluation or testing purposes. Quick Options uses default values for configuration options like cluster software, networking, and security.

To launch a cluster with Quick Options with the console

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon EMR console at

  2. Choose Clusters, and then choose Create cluster to open the Quick Options page.

  3. On the Create Cluster - Quick Options page, enter or select values for the provided fields.

  4. Choose Create cluster to launch the cluster and open the cluster status page.

  5. On the cluster status page, find the cluster Status next to the cluster name. The status should change from Starting to Running to Waiting during the cluster creation process. You may need to choose the refresh icon on the right or refresh your browser to receive updates.

    When the status changes to Waiting, your cluster is up, running, and ready to accept steps and SSH connections.