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Comparing Amazon EBS volume types gp2 and gp3

Here is a comparison of cost between gp2 and gp3 volumes in the US East (N. Virginia) Region. For the most up to date information, see the Amazon EBS General Purpose Volumes product page and the Amazon EBS Pricing Page.

Volume type gp3 gp2
Volume size 1 GiB – 16 TiB 1 GiB – 16 TiB
Default/Baseline IOPS 3000 3 IOPS/GiB (minimum 100 IOPS) to a maximum of 16,000 IOPS. Volumes smaller than 1 TiB can also burst up to 3,000 IOPS.
Max IOPS/volume 16,000 16,000
Default/Baseline throughput 125 MiB/s Throughput limit is between 128 MiB/s and 250 MiB/s, depending on the volume size.
Max throughput/volume 1,000 MiB/s 250 MiB/s
Price $0.08/GiB-month 3,000 IOPS free and $0.005/provisioned IOPS-month over 3,000; 125 MiB/s free and $0.04/provisioned MiB/s-month over 125MiB/s $0.10/GiB-month