Amazon EMR
Management Guide

Setting Permissions on the System Directory

You can set the permissions on the release directory by using a configuration to modify the mapreduce.jobtracker.system.dir.permission configuration variable. This is useful if you are running a custom configuration in which users other than "hadoop user" submit jobs to Hadoop.

To set permissions on the system directory

  1. Create the following configuration, myConfig.json that sets the permissions for the directory using numerical permissions codes (octal notation). The following example configuration, with a permissions code of 777, gives full permissions to the user, group, and world. For more information, see Octal notation in Wikipedia.

    [ { "Classification": "mapred-site", "Properties": { "mapreduce.jobtracker.system.dir.permission": "777" } } ]
  2. Submit this configuration using the AWS CLI:

    aws emr create-cluster --release-label emr-4.0.0 --instance-type m3.xlarge --instance-count 2 --applications Name=Hadoop --configurations file://./myConfig.json --use-default-roles