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Creating a Cluster with Flink

Clusters can be launched using the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, or an AWS SDK.

To launch a cluster with Flink installed using the console

  1. Open the Amazon EMR console at

  2. Choose Create cluster, Go to advanced options.

  3. For Software Configuration, choose EMR Release emr-5.1.0 or later.

  4. Choose Flink as an application, along with any others to install.

  5. Select other options as necessary and choose Create cluster.

To launch a cluster with Flink using the AWS CLI

  • Create the cluster with the following command:

    aws emr create-cluster --name "Cluster with Flink" --release-label emr-5.27.0 \ --applications Name=Flink --ec2-attributes KeyName=myKey \ --instance-type m5.xlarge --instance-count 3 --use-default-roles


    Linux line continuation characters (\) are included for readability. They can be removed or used in Linux commands. For Windows, remove them or replace with a caret (^).