Amazon EMR
Amazon EMR Release Guide

Adding Database Connectors

You can add JDBC connectors at cluster launch using the configuration classifications. For more information about connectors, see

These classifications are named as follows:

  • presto-connector-blackhole

  • presto-connector-cassandra

  • presto-connector-hive

  • presto-connector-jmx

  • presto-connector-kafka

  • presto-connector-localfile

  • presto-connector-mongodb

  • presto-connector-mysql

  • presto-connector-postgresql

  • presto-connector-raptor

  • presto-connector-redis

  • presto-connector-tpch

Example Configuring a Cluster with the PostgreSQL JDBC

To launch a cluster with the PostgreSQL connector installed and configured, create a file, myConfig.json, with the following content:

[ { "Classification": "presto-connector-postgresql", "Properties": { "connection-url": "jdbc:postgresql://", "connection-user": "MYUSER", "connection-password": "MYPASS" }, "Configurations": [] } ]

Use the following command to create the cluster:

aws emr create-cluster --name PrestoConnector --release-label emr-5.16.0 --instance-type m4.large \ --instance-count 2 --applications Name=Hadoop Name=Hive Name=Pig Name=Presto \ --use-default-roles --no-auto-terminate --ec2-attributes KeyName=myKey \ --log-uri s3://my-bucket/logs --enable-debugging \ --configurations file://./myConfig.json