Amazon Translate
Developer Guide

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API Reference

This section contains the API Reference documentation.

HTTP Headers

In addition to the usual HTTP headers, Amazon Translate operations have the required headers:

Header Value Description
Content-Type: application/x-amz-json-1.1 Specifies that the request content is JSON. Also specifies the JSON version.
X-Amz-Date: <Date> The date used to create the signature in the Authorization header. The format must be ISO 8601 basic in the YYYYMMDD'T'HHMMSS'Z' format. For example, the following date/time 20180820T184626Z is a valid x-amz-date for use with Amazon Translate. For more information about using the Authorization header, see Using Signature Version 4 with Amazon Translate .
X-Amz-Target: AWSShineFrontendService_20170701.<operation> The target Amazon Translate operation. For example, use AWSShineFrontendService_20170701.TranslateText to call the TranslateText operation.

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