Activate NVIDIA GRID Virtual Applications - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Activate NVIDIA GRID Virtual Applications

To activate the GRID Virtual Applications on G3, G4dn, and G5 instances (NVIDIA GRID Virtual Workstation is enabled by default), you must define the product type for the driver in the /etc/nvidia/gridd.conf file.

To activate GRID Virtual Applications on Linux instances
  1. Create the /etc/nvidia/gridd.conf file from the provided template file.

    [ec2-user ~]$ sudo cp /etc/nvidia/gridd.conf.template /etc/nvidia/gridd.conf
  2. Open the /etc/nvidia/gridd.conf file in your favorite text editor.

  3. Find the FeatureType line, and set it equal to 0. Then add a line with IgnoreSP=TRUE.

    FeatureType=0 IgnoreSP=TRUE
  4. Save the file and exit.

  5. Reboot the instance to pick up the new configuration.

    [ec2-user ~]$ sudo reboot