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Interface ListBucketInventoryConfigurationsCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional ContinuationToken

ContinuationToken: undefined | string

If sent in the request, the marker that is used as a starting point for this inventory configuration list response.

Optional InventoryConfigurationList

InventoryConfigurationList: InventoryConfiguration[]

The list of inventory configurations for a bucket.

Optional IsTruncated

IsTruncated: undefined | false | true

Tells whether the returned list of inventory configurations is complete. A value of true indicates that the list is not complete and the NextContinuationToken is provided for a subsequent request.

Optional NextContinuationToken

NextContinuationToken: undefined | string

The marker used to continue this inventory configuration listing. Use the NextContinuationToken from this response to continue the listing in a subsequent request. The continuation token is an opaque value that Amazon S3 understands.