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Interface ListMultipartUploadsCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional Bucket

Bucket: undefined | string

The name of the bucket to which the multipart upload was initiated. Does not return the access point ARN or access point alias if used.

Optional CommonPrefixes

CommonPrefixes: CommonPrefix[]

If you specify a delimiter in the request, then the result returns each distinct key prefix containing the delimiter in a CommonPrefixes element. The distinct key prefixes are returned in the Prefix child element.

Optional Delimiter

Delimiter: undefined | string

Contains the delimiter you specified in the request. If you don't specify a delimiter in your request, this element is absent from the response.

Optional EncodingType

EncodingType: EncodingType | string

Encoding type used by Amazon S3 to encode object keys in the response.

If you specify encoding-type request parameter, Amazon S3 includes this element in the response, and returns encoded key name values in the following response elements:

Delimiter, KeyMarker, Prefix, NextKeyMarker, Key.

Optional IsTruncated

IsTruncated: undefined | false | true

Indicates whether the returned list of multipart uploads is truncated. A value of true indicates that the list was truncated. The list can be truncated if the number of multipart uploads exceeds the limit allowed or specified by max uploads.

Optional KeyMarker

KeyMarker: undefined | string

The key at or after which the listing began.

Optional MaxUploads

MaxUploads: undefined | number

Maximum number of multipart uploads that could have been included in the response.

Optional NextKeyMarker

NextKeyMarker: undefined | string

When a list is truncated, this element specifies the value that should be used for the key-marker request parameter in a subsequent request.

Optional NextUploadIdMarker

NextUploadIdMarker: undefined | string

When a list is truncated, this element specifies the value that should be used for the upload-id-marker request parameter in a subsequent request.

Optional Prefix

Prefix: undefined | string

When a prefix is provided in the request, this field contains the specified prefix. The result contains only keys starting with the specified prefix.

Optional UploadIdMarker

UploadIdMarker: undefined | string

Upload ID after which listing began.

Optional Uploads

Uploads: MultipartUpload[]

Container for elements related to a particular multipart upload. A response can contain zero or more Upload elements.