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Interface MultipartUpload

Container for the MultipartUpload for the Amazon S3 object.


  • MultipartUpload



Optional ChecksumAlgorithm

ChecksumAlgorithm: ChecksumAlgorithm | string

The algorithm that was used to create a checksum of the object.

Optional Initiated

Initiated: Date

Date and time at which the multipart upload was initiated.

Optional Initiator

Initiator: Initiator

Identifies who initiated the multipart upload.

Optional Key

Key: undefined | string

Key of the object for which the multipart upload was initiated.

Optional Owner

Owner: Owner

Specifies the owner of the object that is part of the multipart upload.

Optional StorageClass

StorageClass: StorageClass | string

The class of storage used to store the object.

Optional UploadId

UploadId: undefined | string

Upload ID that identifies the multipart upload.