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Interface ObjectVersion

The version of an object.


  • ObjectVersion



Optional ChecksumAlgorithm

ChecksumAlgorithm: (ChecksumAlgorithm | string)[]

The algorithm that was used to create a checksum of the object.

Optional ETag

ETag: undefined | string

The entity tag is an MD5 hash of that version of the object.

Optional IsLatest

IsLatest: undefined | false | true

Specifies whether the object is (true) or is not (false) the latest version of an object.

Optional Key

Key: undefined | string

The object key.

Optional LastModified

LastModified: Date

Date and time the object was last modified.

Optional Owner

Owner: Owner

Specifies the owner of the object.

Optional Size

Size: undefined | number

Size in bytes of the object.

Optional StorageClass

StorageClass: ObjectVersionStorageClass | string

The class of storage used to store the object.

Optional VersionId

VersionId: undefined | string

Version ID of an object.