Amazon Simple Storage Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2006-03-01)

Downloading Objects in Requester Pays Buckets

Because requesters are charged for downloading data from Requester Pays buckets, the requests must contain a special parameter, x-amz-request-payer, which confirms that the requester knows he or she will be charged for the download. To access objects in Requester Pays buckets, requests must include one of the following.

  • For GET, HEAD, and POST requests, include x-amz-request-payer : requester in the header

  • For signed URLs, include x-amz-request-payer=requester in the request

If the request succeeds and the requester is charged, the response includes the header x-amz-request-charged:requester. If x-amz-request-payer is not in the request, Amazon S3 returns a 403 error and charges the bucket owner for the request.


Bucket owners do not need to add x-amz-request-payer to their requests.

Ensure that you have included x-amz-request-payer and its value in your signature calculation. For more information, see Constructing the CanonicalizedAmzHeaders Element.

To download objects from a Requester Pays bucket

  • Use a GET request to download an object from a Requester Pays bucket, as shown in the following request.

    GET / [destinationObject] HTTP/1.1 Host: [BucketName] x-amz-request-payer : requester Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2009 12:00:00 GMT Authorization: AWS [Signature]

If the GET request succeeds and the requester is charged, the response includes x-amz-request-charged:requester.

Amazon S3 can return an Access Denied error for requests that try to get objects from a Requester Pays bucket. For more information, see Error Responses.