Point-in-Time Recovery for DynamoDB - Amazon DynamoDB

Point-in-Time Recovery for DynamoDB

You can create on-demand backups of your Amazon DynamoDB tables, or you can enable continuous backups using point-in-time recovery. For more information about on-demand backups, see On-Demand Backup and Restore for DynamoDB.

Point-in-time recovery helps protect your DynamoDB tables from accidental write or delete operations. With point-in-time recovery, you don't have to worry about creating, maintaining, or scheduling on-demand backups. For example, suppose that a test script writes accidentally to a production DynamoDB table. With point-in-time recovery, you can restore that table to any point in time during the last 35 days. DynamoDB maintains incremental backups of your table.

In addition, point-in-time operations don't affect performance or API latencies. For more information, see Point-in-Time Recovery: How It Works.

You can restore a DynamoDB table to a point in time using the AWS Management Console, the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), or the DynamoDB API. For more information, see Restoring a DynamoDB Table to a Point in Time.

For more information about AWS Region availability and pricing, see Amazon DynamoDB pricing.