Operations and Maintenance - AWS CloudHSM Classic

This is the user guide for AWS CloudHSM Classic. For the latest version, see the AWS CloudHSM User Guide.

Operations and Maintenance

AWS monitors your HSM appliances, and may correct minor configuration issues related to availability of the appliance. Such operations do not interfere with your use of the HSM appliance.

If a management operation must be performed which could disrupt service, then AWS provides 24 hours' notice before performing the operation.

It is possible that, in unforeseen circumstances, AWS might have to perform maintenance on an emergency basis without prior notice. We try to avoid this situation. However, if availability is a concern, AWS strongly recommends that you use two or more HSM appliances in separate Availability Zones in a high availability configuration. The failure of a single HSM appliance in a non-HA configuration can result in the permanent loss of keys and data.

AWS does not perform routine maintenance on HSM appliances in multiple Availability Zones within the same region within the same 24-hour period.

For information about how to set up a high availability configuration, see High Availability and Load Balancing.

For information about administration and maintenance of your HSM appliance, go to Administering Your Luna SA in the SafeNet Luna SA documentation.