Amazon CloudFront endpoints and quotas - AWS General Reference

Amazon CloudFront endpoints and quotas

The following are the service endpoints and service quotas for this service. To connect programmatically to an AWS service, you use an endpoint. In addition to the standard AWS endpoints, some AWS services offer FIPS endpoints in selected Regions. For more information, see AWS service endpoints. Service quotas, also referred to as limits, are the maximum number of service resources or operations for your AWS account. For more information, see AWS service quotas.

Service Endpoints

Region Name Region Endpoint Protocol Amazon Route 53 Hosted Zone ID*
US East (N. Virginia) Region us-east-1




Service Quotas

Resource Default
Data transfer rate per distribution 150 Gbps
Requests per second per distribution 250,000
Web distributions per account 200
Alternate domain names (CNAMEs) per distribution 100
Origins per distribution 25
Origin access identities per account 100
Cache behaviors per distribution 25
Whitelisted headers per cache behavior 10
Whitelisted cookies per cache behavior 10
SSL certificates per account when serving HTTPS requests using dedicated IP addresses (no quota when serving HTTPS requests using SNI) 2
Custom headers that you can have Amazon CloudFront forward to the origin 10 name–value pairs
Whitelisted query strings per cache behavior 10
Response timeout per origin 4–60 seconds
Resource Default
Distributions per AWS account that you can create triggers for 25
Triggers per distribution 100
Requests per second 10,000
Concurrent executions 1,000

For more information, see Quotas in the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide.