AWS IoT Things Graph endpoints and quotas - AWS General Reference

AWS IoT Things Graph endpoints and quotas

The following are the service endpoints and service quotas for this service. To connect programmatically to an AWS service, you use an endpoint. In addition to the standard AWS endpoints, some AWS services offer FIPS endpoints in selected Regions. For more information, see AWS service endpoints. Service quotas, also referred to as limits, are the maximum number of service resources or operations for your AWS account. For more information, see AWS service quotas.

Service Endpoints

Region Name Region Endpoint Protocol
US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1 HTTPS
US West (Oregon) us-west-2 HTTPS
Asia Pacific (Seoul) ap-northeast-2 HTTPS
Asia Pacific (Sydney) ap-southeast-2 HTTPS
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) ap-northeast-1 HTTPS
Europe (Ireland) eu-west-1 HTTPS

Service Quotas

Description Default Adjustable?
Flow (workflow) definition document size. 10 KB yes
Maximum number of flows triggered. 5 per second yes
Maximum number of steps executed per flow configuration deployment. 50 per second yes
Total flow configurations in a namespace. 100 yes
Total entities (properties, states, events, actions, capabilities, mappings, devices, and services) in a namespace. 500 yes
Total flow definitions in a namespace. 100 yes
Entity definition document size (for properties, states, events, actions, capabilities, mappings, devices, and services). 1 MB no
Device action timeout. 1 minute no
API Max Calls Per Second Adjustable?
AssociateEntityToThing 10 yes
CreateDeploymentConfiguration 10 yes
CreateFlowTemplate 10 yes
CreateSystemInstance 20 yes
CreateSystemTemplate 10 yes
DeleteDeploymentConfiguration 10 yes
DeleteFlowTemplate 10 yes
DeleteNamespace 10 yes
DeleteSystemInstance 10 yes
DeleteSystemTemplate 10 yes
DeployConfigurationToTarget 10 yes
DeploySystemInstance 10 yes
DeprecateDeploymentConfiguration 10 yes
DeprecateFlowTemplate 10 yes
DeprecateSystemTemplate 10 yes
DescribeNamespace 10 yes
DissociateEntityFromThing 10 yes
GetDeploymentConfiguration 10 yes
GetEntities 10 yes
GetFlowTemplate 10 yes
GetFlowTemplateRevisions 10 yes
GetNamespaceDeletionStatus 10 yes
GetRecentUploads 10 yes
GetSystemInstance 10 yes
GetSystemTemplate 10 yes
GetSystemTemplateRevisions 10 yes
GetUploadStatus 10 yes
ListFlowExecutionMessages 10 yes
ListMappingPaths 10 yes
SearchDeploymentConfigurations 10 yes
SearchEntities 10 yes
SearchFlowExecutions 10 yes
SearchFlowTemplates 10 yes
SearchSystemInstances 10 yes
SearchSystemTemplates 10 yes
SearchThings 10 yes
UndeploySystemInstance 10 yes
UpdateFlowTemplate 10 yes
UpdateSystemTemplate 10 yes
UploadEntityDefinitions 10 yes
ValidateEntityDefinitions 10 yes