Detach and delete a Lightsail block storage disk - Amazon Lightsail

Detach and delete a Lightsail block storage disk

If you no longer need a block storage disk, you can detach it from your stopped Lightsail instance, and then delete it. This topic describes how to back up your data and safely delete a disk.


Detach and delete your disk

Once you stop your Lightsail instance, you can safely detach and delete your disk.

  1. On the home page, choose Storage.

  2. Choose the name of your attached disk to manage it.

    Example of a block storage disk that is still attached to a Lightsail instance

  3. On the disk management page, choose Detach.

    After a few seconds, the disk is detached and ready to be deleted or reattached.

  4. Choose the Delete tab.

  5. Choose Delete disk, and then confirm by choosing Yes, delete.


    This is a permanent operation and can't be undone. You will lose all data on the disk when you delete it.