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epochDate converts an epoch date into a standard date in the format yyyy-MM-ddTkk:mm:ss.SSSZ, using the format pattern syntax specified in Class DateTimeFormat in the Joda project documentation. An example is 2015-10-15T19:11:51.003Z.

epochDate is supported for use with analyses based on SPICE data sets.





An epoch date, which is an integer representation of a date as the number of seconds since 00:00:00 UTC on January 1, 1970.

epochdate must be an integer. It can be the name of a field that uses the integer data type, a literal integer value, or a call to another function that outputs an integer. If the integer value is longer than 10 digits, the digits after the tenth place are discarded.

Return Type



The following example converts an epoch date to a standard date.


The following value is returned.