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parseDecimal parses a string to determine if it contains a decimal value. This function returns all rows that contain a decimal, integer, or null value, and skips any rows that don't. If the row contains an integer value, it is returned as a decimal. For example, a value of '2' is returned as '2.0'.


In SPICE, you can use this function in a calculated field that's added to a data set, but not in a calculated field that's added to an analysis.





The expression must be a string. It can be the name of a field that uses the string data type, a literal value like '9.62', or a call to another function that outputs a string.

Return Type



The following example evaluates fee to determine if it contains decimal values.


The following are the given field values.

fee -------- 2 2a 12.13 3b 3.9 (null) 198.353398

For these field values, the following rows are returned.

2.0 12.13 3.9 (null) 198.353398