View SPICE Ingestion History - Amazon QuickSight

View SPICE Ingestion History

You can view the ingestion history for SPICE datasets to find out, for example, when the latest ingestion started and what its status is.

The SPICE ingestion history page includes the following information:

  • Date and time that the ingestion started (UTC)

  • Status of the ingestion

  • Amount of time that the ingestion took

  • Rows dropped and rows ingested

  • The job type for the refresh: scheduled, full refresh, and so on.

Use the following procedure to view a dataset's SPICE ingestion history.

  1. From the start screen, choose Manage Data.

  2. Choose the dataset that you want to examine. From the dataset's overview screen, choose View history, located just under the Last refreshed status.

    The View refresh history screen appears.

  3. (Optional) Choose a time frame to filter the entries from the last hour to the last 90 days.

  4. (Optional) Choose a specific job status to filter the entries, for example Running or Completed. Otherwise, you can view all entries by choosing All.

  5. To exit this screen, choose Back.