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Amazon SageMaker ML Lineage Tracking


As of November 30, 2023, the previous Amazon SageMaker Studio experience is now named Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic. The following section is specific to using the Studio Classic application. For information about using the updated Studio experience, see Amazon SageMaker Studio.

Amazon SageMaker ML Lineage Tracking creates and stores information about the steps of a machine learning (ML) workflow from data preparation to model deployment. With the tracking information, you can reproduce the workflow steps, track model and dataset lineage, and establish model governance and audit standards.

With SageMaker Lineage Tracking data scientists and model builders can do the following:

  • Keep a running history of model discovery experiments.

  • Establish model governance by tracking model lineage artifacts for auditing and compliance verification.

The following diagram shows an example lineage graph that Amazon SageMaker automatically creates in an end-to-end model training and deployment ML workflow.

An example graph of lineage entity metadata created by SageMaker to track your workflow.