Using AWS CloudFormation StackSets - AWS Service Catalog

Using AWS CloudFormation StackSets


This feature is currently in beta mode. AutoTags are not currently supported with AWS CloudFormation StackSets.

You can use AWS CloudFormation StackSets to launch AWS Service Catalog products across multiple regions and accounts. You can specify the order in which products deploy sequentially within regions. Across accounts, products are deployed in parallel. When launching, users can specify failure tolerance and the maximum number of accounts in which to deploy in parallel. For more information, see Working with AWS CloudFormation StackSets.

Stack sets vs. stack instances

A stack lets you create stacks in AWS accounts across regions by using a single AWS CloudFormation template.

A stack instance refers to a stack in a target account within a region and is associated with only one stack set.

For more information, see StackSets Concepts.

Stack set constraints

In AWS Service Catalog, you can use stack set constraints to configure product deployment options.

For more information, see AWS Service Catalog Stack Set Constraints.