AWS Shield Advanced overview - AWS WAF, AWS Firewall Manager, and AWS Shield Advanced

AWS Shield Advanced overview

AWS Shield Advanced is a managed service that helps you protect your application against external threats, like DDoS attacks, volumetric bots, and vulnerability exploitation attempts. For higher levels of protection against attacks, you can subscribe to AWS Shield Advanced. For information about Shield Advanced pricing, see AWS Shield Advanced Pricing.


For accounts that are members of an AWS Organizations organization, AWS bills Shield Advanced subscriptions against the organization's payer account, regardless of whether the payer account itself is subscribed.

When you subscribe to Shield Advanced and add protection to your resources, Shield Advanced provides expanded DDoS attack protection for those resources. The protections that you receive from Shield Advanced can vary depending on your architecture and configuration choices. Use the information in this guide to build and protect resilient applications using Shield Advanced, and to escalate when you need expert help.