Delete a WorkSpace - Amazon WorkSpaces

Delete a WorkSpace

When you are finished with a WorkSpace, you can delete it. You can also delete related resources.


Deleting a WorkSpace is a permanent action and cannot be undone. The WorkSpace user's data does not persist and is destroyed. For help with backing up user data, contact AWS Support.


Simple AD and AD Connector are available to you free of charge to use with WorkSpaces. If there are no WorkSpaces being used with your Simple AD or AD Connector directory for 30 consecutive days, this directory will be automatically deregistered for use with Amazon WorkSpaces, and you will be charged for this directory as per the AWS Directory Service pricing terms.

To delete empty directories, see Delete the directory for your WorkSpaces. If you delete your Simple AD or AD Connector directory, you can always create a new one when you want to start using WorkSpaces again.

To delete a WorkSpace

You can delete a WorkSpace that is in any state except Suspended.

  1. Open the WorkSpaces console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose WorkSpaces.

  3. Select your WorkSpace and choose Delete.

  4. When prompted for confirmation, choose Delete WorkSpace. It takes approximately 5 minutes to delete a WorkSpace. During deletion, the status of the WorkSpace is set to Terminating. When the deletion is complete, the WorkSpace disappears from the console.

  5. (Optional) To delete any custom bundles and images that you are finished with, see Delete a custom WorkSpaces bundle or image.

  6. (Optional) After you delete all WorkSpaces in a directory, you can delete the directory. For more information, see Delete the directory for your WorkSpaces.

  7. (Optional) After you delete all resources in the virtual private cloud (VPC) for your directory, you can delete the VPC and release the Elastic IP address used for the NAT gateway. For more information, see Deleting your VPC and Working with Elastic IP addresses in the Amazon VPC User Guide.

To delete a WorkSpace using the AWS CLI

Use the terminate-workspaces command.