AWS Encryption SDK for Python - AWS Encryption SDK

AWS Encryption SDK for Python

This topic explains how to install and use the AWS Encryption SDK for Python. For details about programming with the AWS Encryption SDK for Python, see the aws-encryption-sdk-python repository on GitHub. For API documentation, see Read the Docs.


Before you install the AWS Encryption SDK for Python, be sure you have the following prerequisites.

A supported version of Python

Python 3.6 or later is required by the AWS Encryption SDK for Python versions 3.1.0 and later.

Earlier versions of the AWS Encryption SDK support Python 2.7 and Python 3.4 and later, but we recommend that you use the latest version of the AWS Encryption SDK.

To download Python, see Python downloads.

The pip installation tool for Python

pip is included in Python 3.6 and later versions, although you might want to upgrade it. For more information about upgrading or installing pip, see Installation in the pip documentation.


Use pip to install the AWS Encryption SDK for Python, as shown in the following examples.

To install the latest version
pip install aws-encryption-sdk

For more details about using pip to install and upgrade packages, see Installing Packages.

The SDK requires the cryptography library on all platforms. All versions of pip install and build the cryptography library on Windows. pip 8.1 and later installs and builds cryptography on Linux. If you are using an earlier version of pip and your Linux environment doesn't have the tools needed to build the cryptography library, you need to install them. For more information, see Building Cryptography on Linux.

For the latest development version of this SDK, go to the aws-encryption-sdk-python GitHub repository.

After you install the SDK, get started by looking at the example Python code in this guide.