Creating custom line items per billing group - AWS Enterprise Billing Console

Creating custom line items per billing group

You can use AWS Enterprise Billing Console to create custom line items and associate them to a billing group. Custom line items let you manually allocate costs and discounts at your discretion.

Common use cases for custom line item creation include, but are not limited to:

  • Allocating AWS Support fees

  • Distributing credits

  • Distributing RI and Savings Plans savings (as opposed to On-Demand)

  • Adding organizational credits and discount line items

Use the following steps to create a custom line item.

To create a custom line item

  1. Open AWS Enterprise Billing Console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Custom line items.

  3. Choose Create custom line item.

  4. For Custom line item details, enter the name of the custom line item. For naming restrictions, see Quotas and restrictions.

  5. For Description, enter a description for the custom line item.

  6. For Billing period, choose either the existing billing period or the previous billing period.

  7. For Billing group, choose a billing group. You can only associate the custom charge to one billing group at a time.

  8. Choose a charge value and enter an input amount.

    A discount line item adds a credit, reducing the charged amount to the selected billing group. A markup line item adds a charge, increasing the charged amount to the selected billing group. All custom line items are in USD currency.

  9. Choose Create custom line item.

Custom line items table

After you create a custom line item, you can view the details of the line item in a filterable table. You can filter by the following dimensions:

  • Line item name

  • Line item description

  • Charge value

  • The billing group the line item is attributed to

  • The date of line item creation

To view your custom line items created in previous billing periods, use the date picker dropdown list.