Understanding your AWS Enterprise Billing Console dashboard - AWS Enterprise Billing Console

Understanding your AWS Enterprise Billing Console dashboard

The AWS Enterprise Billing Console dashboard provides a high-level summary of the key metrics to help you understand the impact of your custom pricing dimensions.

Key performance indicators

This section defines the key performance indicators (KPI) that are available on your AWS Enterprise Billing Console dashboard. KPIs are all month-to-date. As you create or add accounts to your AWS Organizations, the accounts accrue to this KPI. When you delete a billing group, the accounts in that billing group also accrue to this KPI.

  • Charged amount – The combined charges for usage accrued by all billing groups, based on the custom rate defined by the applied pricing plans.

  • AWS costs – The combined month-to-date charge for usage accrued by all billing groups, according to the estimated charges on your AWS bill.

  • Margin – The aggregated month-to-date margin accrued by all billing groups. The margin is calculated by subtracting the AWS costs from the charged amount. The margin can also be a negative, based on factors such as the pricing plan and applied free-form line items.


    Post-billing period adjustments will impact your historical margins. For more information, see Analyzing your margins per billing group.

  • Billing groups – The number of mutually exclusive groups of accounts, with a primary account and an associated pricing plan.

  • Accounts – The number of accounts that have been assigned to a billing group within a consolidated billing family.

  • Unmonitored accounts – The number of accounts within a consolidated billing family that have not been assigned to a billing group.

Other definitions for AWS Enterprise Billing Console

This section defines other terms that are used throughout AWS Enterprise Billing Console to help you use the service effectively.

  • Pro forma – The output generated by AWS Enterprise Billing Console that is consistent with your desired changes in rate management (pricing configuration) and aggregated account visibility (billing groups).

Viewing your top-five billing groups per charged amount

You can understand your top-five billing groups that generate revenue by referencing the visual and table view. To manage your existing billing groups, choose Manage billing groups on the dashboard page.