Legacy Reference

Debugging Physics

The p_draw_helpers console variable is useful for debugging physics issues. The syntax is as follows:

p_draw_helpers entity type_helper type

Entity Types: t - show terrain s - show static entities r - show sleeping rigid bodies R - show active rigid bodies l - show living entities i - show independent entities g - show triggers a - show areas y - show rays in RayWorldIntersection e - show explosion occlusion maps Helper Types g - show geometry c - show contact points b - show bounding boxes l - show tetrahedra lattices for breakable objects j - show structural joints (forces translucency on the main geometry) t(#) - show bounding volume trees up to the level # f(#) - only show geometries with this bit flag set (multiple f stacks)

For the following example:

p_draw_helpers larRis_g

would show geometry for static, sleeping, active, independent entities, and areas.

In addition, the p_debug_joints console variable, if set to 1, logs tensions of breakable objects at their weakest locations.