Partner terms - Amazon EventBridge

Partner terms

Amazon EventBridge unlocks new use cases for your customers by extending your application’s integration with AWS services. The process of becoming an EventBridge SaaS integration partner requires about five days of development time. 

To start the process, complete the following steps. 

  1. Become an APN Partner. If you are not already an APN Partner, you can register for free here.

  2. Send an email to to request test access to the partner API. Complete and include all fields in the table listed in the section Request for test access. An AWS representative will provide an Onboarding Guide. Review the guide for a technical walkthrough of the Amazon EventBridge Partner APIs and how to develop your integration. 

  3. Complete and test your integration. You may not use customer data for testing.

  4. Email a completed version of the Partner integration questionnaire to We will respond with a date and time on which we will validate your integration. 

  5. Validate your integration with an AWS representative. In your validation call, you will be expected to demonstrate a working version of your integration - following the process that a customer would go through to receive events from your service. Ensure you have downloaded Amazon Chime and tested the screensharing functionality before joining your review call.

Request for test access

Required information


Provided answers

APN registered email address

The email address used to register with AWS Partner Network (APN).

Partner test account ID(s)

AWS account ID(s) that you will use to test partner API calls.

Customer test account ID(s)

AWS account ID(s) that you will use to test customer API calls

Regions (at least 2)

The Regions you’d like to use for testing your integration. Provide at least 2 Regions.

Partner integration questionnaire

General information


Provided answers

Company name

This name is displayed in your partner listing in the AWS Management console.

AWS account ID(s)

AWS account ID(s) that you will use to call PutPartnerEvents. You may provide multiple accounts.

Contact email(s)

One or more email addresses that we can use to contact you about your integration. We will use these emails to schedule your validation call, and for any future updates or issues related to your integration.

Contact phone number(s)

This number will be used to contact you for high severity issues.

Console marketing material


Company description

Description of the company. Displayed in the 'About' section of the integration.

Integration description

Description of the integration and what it will enable users to do.Displayed as the main body of text both under your logo on the partner event sources page, and to the right of your logo when a customer chooses your integration. 

Square logo SVG (URL)

Logo displayed when a customer chooses your integration.

Square Logo PNG (URL)

Logo displayed when a user clicks into your integration.

Logo SVG (URL)

Logo displayed when a user loads the partner event sources page.

Logo PNG (URL)

Logo displayed on the Amazon EventBridge Integrations page.


Architecture diagram (Preferred)

Architecture diagram for illustrating integration use case(s). Displayed when a customer chooses your integration under the heading 'How does it work?' 

Use cases 

Use case(s) for your integration. Displayed when a customer chooses your integration.


Deep links to your product where a user can set up an integration and/or link to documentation where a user can learn how to setup an integration. Displayed as a 'learn more about company' link when a customer chooses your integration.

Event detail type catalog

A catalog of detail types that illustrate the types of events your integration publishes. Include this information as part of your customer-facing documentation.

Sample events catalog

A catalog of complete sample events.  Include as part of your customer facing documentation.