Events from AWS services - Amazon EventBridge

Events from AWS services

Many AWS services generate events that EventBridge receives. When an AWS service in your account emits an event, it goes to your account’s default event bus.

AWS CloudTrail is a service that automatically records events such as AWS API calls. You can create EventBridge rules that use the information from CloudTrail. For more information about CloudTrail, see What is AWS CloudTrail?.

All events that are delivered by CloudTrail have AWS API Call via CloudTrail as the value for detail-type. Events from API actions that start with the keywords List, Get, or Describe aren't processed by EventBridge, with the exception of events from the following AWS STS actions:

  • GetFederationToken

  • GetSessionToken

To record events with a detail-type value of AWS API Call via CloudTrail, a CloudTrail trail with logging enabled is required.

When using CloudTrail with Amazon S3, you need to configure CloudTrail to log data events. For more information, see Enabling CloudTrail event logging for S3 buckets and objects .

Some occurrences in AWS services can be reported to EventBridge both by the service itself and by CloudTrail. For example, an Amazon EC2 API call that starts or stops an instance generates EventBridge events as well as events through CloudTrail.


CloudTrail is extending event delivery through EventBridge to resource owners. Currently, CloudTrail supports both API callers and resource owners to receive events in their S3 buckets by creating trails, and delivers events to API callers through EventBridge. With this change, resource owners in addition to API callers will be able to monitor cross-account API calls through EventBridge. CloudTrail’s integration with EventBridge provides a convenient way to set automated rules-based workflows in response to events.

The CloudTrail team began deploying this update on April 12, 2021 and expect to complete this update in all commercial regions early this month. As a result, some customers might experience an increase in the EventBridge events being delivered through EventBridge coinciding with this update. No customer action is required, but should you have any questions, please reach out to AWS Support.

You can't use AWS Put*Events API call events that are larger than 256 KB in size as event patterns because the maximum size of any Put*Events requests is 256 KB. For more information about the API calls that you can use, see CloudTrail supported services and integrations.


Each AWS service that generates events sends them to EventBridge as either best effort or guaranteed delivery. Best effort delivery means that the service attempts to send all events to EventBridge, but in some rare cases an event might not be delivered. Guaranteed delivery means that all events from the service are successfully delivered to EventBridge.

This table includes a representation of the AWS services that send events to EventBridge, but it doesn't include every service.

The following table shows AWS services that generate events. Choose the service name to see more information about how that service and EventBridge work together.

Service Delivery type
Amazon AppFlow Best effort
Application Auto Scaling Best effort
AWS Application Cost Profiler Best effort
Amazon Athena Best effort
AWS Backup Best effort
AWS Batch Guaranteed
Amazon Braket Guaranteed
AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority Best effort
Amazon Chime Best effort
AWS CloudFormation Best effort
Events from AWS CloudTrail Best effort
Amazon CloudWatch Guaranteed
AWS CodeArtifact Guaranteed
AWS CodeBuild Best effort
AWS CodeCommit Best effort
AWS CodeDeploy Best effort
AWS Config Best effort
Amazon Connect Best effort
AWS Control Tower Best effort
AWS Data Exchange Best effort
Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager Best effort
AWS DataSync Best effort
Amazon DevOps Guru Best effort
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Best effort
Amazon Elastic Block Store Best effort
Amazon Elastic Block Store volume modifications Best effort
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Best effort
Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Best effort
Amazon EC2 Fleets Best effort
Amazon EC2 Spot Instance Interruption Best effort
Amazon Elastic Container Registry Best effort
Amazon Elastic Container Service Guaranteed
AWS Elemental MediaConvert Guaranteed
AWS Elemental MediaLive Best effort
AWS Elemental MediaPackage Best effort
AWS Elemental MediaStore Guaranteed
Amazon EMR Best effort
Amazon EventBridge scheduled rules Guaranteed
Amazon GameLift Best effort
AWS Glue Best effort
AWS Glue DataBrew Best effort
AWS Ground Station Best effort
AWS Health Best effort
Amazon Inspector Best effort
Amazon Interactive Video Service Best effort
AWS IoT Analytics Guaranteed
AWS IoT Greengrass V1 Best effort
AWS IoT Greengrass V2 Best effort
AWS Key Management Service CMK deletion Guaranteed
AWS Key Management Service CMK rotation Best effort
AWS Key Management Service imported key material expiration Best effort
Amazon Location Service Guaranteed
Amazon Macie Best effort
Amazon Managed Blockchain Best effort
AWS Managed Services Best effort
AWS OpsWorks Guaranteed
AWS Proton Best effort
Amazon QLDB Guaranteed
Amazon RDS Best effort
Amazon Redshift Guaranteed
AWS Resource Access Manager Best effort
Savings Plans Best effort
AWS Security Hub Guaranteed
AWS Signer Guaranteed
Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Guaranteed
Amazon Simple Workflow Service Best effort
AWS Step Functions Best effort
AWS Storage Gateway Guaranteed
AWS Support Best effort
AWS Systems Manager Best effort
Tag changes on resources Best effort
AWS Transit Gateway Best effort
Amazon Translate Guaranteed
AWS Trusted Advisor Best effort
Amazon WorkSpaces Best effort