What Is Amazon EventBridge? - Amazon EventBridge

What Is Amazon EventBridge?

EventBridge is a serverless service that uses events to connect application components together, making it easier for you to build scalable event-driven applications. Event-driven architecture is a style of building loosely-coupled software systems that work together by emitting and responding to events. Event-driven architecture can help you boost agility and build reliable, scalable applications.

Use EventBridge to route events from sources such as home-grown applications, AWS services, and third-party software to consumer applications across your organization. EventBridge provides simple and consistent ways to ingest, filter, transform, and deliver events so you can build applications quickly.

The following video provides a brief introduction to the features of Amazon EventBridge:

EventBridge includes two ways to process events: event buses and pipes.

  • Event buses are routers that receive events and delivers them to zero or more targets. Event buses are well-suited for routing events from many sources to many targets, with optional transformation of events prior to delivery to a target.

    The following video provides a high-level overview of event buses:

  • Pipes EventBridge Pipes is intended for point-to-point integrations; each pipe receives events from a single source for processing and delivery to a single target. Pipes also include support for advanced transformations and enrichment of events prior to delivery to a target.

Pipes and event buses are often used together. A common use case is to create a pipe with an event bus as its target; the pipe sends events to the event bus, which then sends those events on to multiple targets. For example, you could create a pipe with a DynamoDB stream for a source, and an event bus as the target. The pipe receives events from the DynamoDB stream and sends them to the event bus, which then sends them on to multiple targets according to the rules you've specified on the event bus.