Choose a gateway type - AWS Storage Gateway

Choose a gateway type

With an Amazon FSx File Gateway (FSx File), you store and retrieve files in Amazon FSx for Windows File Server with a local cache for low latency access to your most recently used data.

To choose a gateway type

  1. Open the AWS Management Console at, and choose the AWS Region that you want to create your gateway in.

    If you have previously created a gateway in this AWS Region, the console shows your gateway. Otherwise, the service homepage appears.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • If you haven't created a gateway in the Region that you chose, choose Get started.

    • If you already have a gateway in the Region that you chose, choose Gateways in the navigation pane, and then choose Create gateway.

  3. For Select gateway type, choose Amazon FSx File Gateway, and then choose Next.

                            Console screenshot showing gateway type section with FSx File
                                Gateway selected.

In the next step, you will Choose a host platform and download the VM.